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Our Services

Advocacy and Representation

Unfair Dismissals Direct has helped over 1,000 dismissed employees secure justice. We are passionate about helping employees who have been treated poorly in the workplace.

We are different from the others. We are taking a fresh approach to unfair dismissal representation.

We provide expert unfair dismissal representation, using our advocacy skills to secure the best outcome for you, as quickly as possible. That includes clearing your name so that it becomes easier for you to get another job, and seeking compensation for you.

Unlike some organisations who also represent employers, Unfair Dismissals Direct only acts for employees. There is no conflict of interest – we only seek justice for dismissed employees. That’s right: Unfair Dismissals Direct has never represented an employer.

Unfair Dismissals Direct is committed to fairness for all employees, not just those who can afford to pay expensive lawyers. We will consider representing any employee, not just those on higher incomes. Some unfair dismissal representatives only assist those with higher earnings, so they can charge more. We don’t think that’s fair. Unfair dismissal legislation was enacted to assist the most vulnerable employees. This means being willing to represent those employees on lower incomes who find it difficult to enforce their workplace rights and may not be in a strong bargaining position.

One of our unfair dismissal experts will undertake a confidential and free assessment of your case, considering the information you provide. If we believe you have a claim and we are able to assist, we will offer to represent you, with our No Win No Fee Guarantee, on our standard terms and conditions. It’s that simple.

After you have retained us, we will complete all documentation and lodge your claim in the appropriate tribunal, ensuring that your former employer becomes aware that you are competently represented. We believe this has the potential to add thousands of dollars to a compensation payment, and can ensure you are taken seriously by your former employer. We are well known by leading employers and their representatives, because we represent dismissed employees every day.

We bring claims in various tribunals, not just the Fair Work Commission. For this reason, our industrial advocates work out of offices around Australia.

We will correspond with your former employer or their representative on your behalf. You do not have to speak, unless you want to. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Most claims brought by Unfair Dismissals Direct are finalised quickly. In rare cases, an employer will attempt to challenge jurisdiction. In those cases, you won’t be left on your own. We will explain the process to you, and outline your options moving forward. We often respond to a jurisdictional objection by preparing, filing and serving an outline of submissions, so the employer knows we won’t give up.

We regularly come up against Australia’s largest employers. No company is too big or too small. Contact us for a free and confidential case assessment today.

Industrial Advice Conferences

Are you still employed by your employer, but fear for your job?

Has your employer directed you to attend a disciplinary meeting, or asked you to respond in writing to allegations of poor performance and/or misconduct?

The specialists at Unfair Dismissals Direct have helped over 1,000 unfairly dismissed employees obtain rapid justice in Australia’s workplaces. We have secured thousands of dollars in compensation, and even offers of reinstatement, for dismissed employees. However, we recognise that receiving competent advice at the earliest possible opportunity can strengthen an employee’s position if they are dismissed, and can even help prevent a termination from taking place.

We offer priority industrial advice conferences to employees who are facing issues with their employer. These conferences are conducted by experienced industrial advocates who handle unfair termination claims each and every day. In as little as 30 minutes, we can provide you with the industrial advice you need to prepare for a meeting with your employer, or to respond to allegations of misconduct and/or poor performance made against you by your employer.

Our industrial relations advocates are physically located in our offices across Australia. By making an appointment, you can attend one of our convenient locations to meet with an industrial advocate, or you can obtain your advice over the telephone. The choice is yours!

We will have you send any relevant documentation through to us before the conference, so that your advice will be tailored to your needs.

Our charges for urgent industrial advice conferences are highly competitive and fully tax deductible. If you are sick of being placed on hold or given standard responses from a script without any regard to your situation, and feel you would benefit from personalised industrial advice in as little as 30 minutes, call our friendly specialists today on 1800 347 647.

Support at Meetings

Unfair Dismissals Direct is proud of its record of success in obtaining justice for dismissed employees. However, we don’t stop there.

We know how stressful it can be when you are notified of a disciplinary meeting that your employer has directed you to attend. They invite you to bring a support person to the meeting, and you know the meeting is unlikely to be positive. You dread the prospect of being dismissed.

At Unfair Dismissals Direct, we know one of the purposes of a disciplinary meeting is to afford an employee the opportunity to respond to allegations of poor performance and/or misconduct. From an employers’ perspective, disciplinary meetings are often used to lock an employee into a version of events that can be relied upon to justify dismissal. In fact, the employer may have already made up its mind to dismiss the employee, and is simply looking to get admissions and/or concessions from the employee, to reduce the risk of a successful unfair dismissal claim.

You may feel uncomfortable inviting a work colleage, friend or family member to accompany you to the disciplinary meeting as a support person. Confidentiality might be compromised, you perceive there could be a conflict of interest, or you just might not know how to respond in a way that protects your job.

Our Industrial Relations Specialists are available to travel to your workplace, for the purpose of accompanying you to a scheduled disciplinary meeting and discussing your options with you. Your specialist will meet you at an agreed location on the day, discuss your situation, and let you know what you can expect during the meeting. They will take detailed notes throughout the meeting, and speak with you during any break. At the conclusion of the meeting, you can speak with your specialist about the meeting and your options moving forward.

Many of our clients remain employed following our attendance as support person at disciplinary meetings and we believe our attendance influences the employer’s decision following the meeting. Your specialist can disclose to your employer that he or she is from Unfair Dismissals Direct, if you wish. It’s entirely up to you.

Charges for our advice and support services are highly competitve and are based on the location of the meeting and the time spent with you. If you need support, contact our friendly team without delay on 1800 347 647. Don’t wait until you have made admissions or concessions that could mean the difference between keeping your job and being dismissed.