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Industrial Advice Conferences

Are you still employed by your employer, but fear for your job?

Has your employer directed you to attend a disciplinary meeting, or asked you to respond in writing to allegations of poor performance and/or misconduct?

The specialists at Unfair Dismissals Direct have helped over 1,000 unfairly dismissed employees obtain rapid justice in Australia’s workplaces. We have secured thousands of dollars in compensation, and even offers of reinstatement, for dismissed employees. However, we recognise that receiving competent advice at the earliest possible opportunity can strengthen an employee’s position if they are dismissed, and can even help prevent a termination from taking place.

We offer priority industrial advice conferences to employees who are facing issues with their employer. These conferences are conducted by experienced industrial advocates who handle unfair termination claims each and every day. In as little as 30 minutes, we can provide you with the industrial advice you need to prepare for a meeting with your employer, or to respond to allegations of misconduct and/or poor performance made against you by your employer.

Our industrial relations advocates are physically located in our offices across Australia. By making an appointment, you can attend one of our convenient locations to meet with an industrial advocate, or you can obtain your advice over the telephone. The choice is yours!

We will have you send any relevant documentation through to us before the conference, so that your advice will be tailored to your needs.

Our charges for urgent industrial advice conferences are highly competitive and fully tax deductible. If you are sick of being placed on hold or given standard responses from a script without any regard to your situation, and feel you would benefit from personalised industrial advice in as little as 30 minutes, call our friendly specialists today on 1800 347 647.